Amazing stuff in Finland


I’m an French exchange student in Finland for one semester and when I first came here I was very surprised about this new environment and this new culture, so let me share what amused me the most when I arrived here. First let’s talk about SLOT MACHINES Why are Finns so fond of them? Is it the lure of the gain? An occasional return in childhood? Try to understand…


Something that is very amusing and surprising is that it’s machines are present EVERYWHERE: at the supermarket in the pubs, restaurants, shopping malls … it’s impressive. The Finns are able to stay hours in front of their machines by spending a small fortune but it does not seem to discourage them. Whether it is a teenager or a lame grandfather everyone finds slot machines entertaining. It is always the right time to spend money: it is cold and the sun is never shining so take refuge in the madness of the game with these lights and tones that turn our heads. On the other hand the most incomprehensible thing is to see Finns in the evening in the pubs going to drink a beer with their friends and suddenly leave them to join the slot machine. Very strange situation!!


Now let’s talk about KARAOKE, the second passion of Finns. No night of madness happens without a good karaoke, it is the frenzied cocktail of the evenings Finnish that walks to all the blows.


Although it may seem kitsch, Finns love it and like to break their voices on well-rhythmic choruses. It’s fun, friendly, who would not want to distrust this kind of games once you have drunk a few beers? What is even more fun is that there is no age to participate, everyone is ready for the game, it is really a good atmosphere! It is true that for us French people do not dare to start singing in Finnish but insisting a little we are operational to set fire!


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