The Strangest Sport in Finland

Finland is known for strange sports and one of the craziest in the annual “Carrying wife competition”. The competition takes place every June in a small city called Sonkajärvi. This race gathers over 6000 visitors to Sonkajärvi and about 200 competitors from 14 different countries. The world championship title race has been organised since 1992 and it has always been organised in Sonkajärvi. Over half of the winners of this race come from abroad which is quite strange but tells how popular this race is. Many foreign competitors attend the race with a serious mindset wanting to win.

The idea of the competition is to carry your or someone else´s wife through different kind of obstacles and be the fastest. The track is 253,5m long and 4-5m wide and the surface is gravel and sand. The track has one water obstacle and two dry obstacles. The women you are carrying needs to be at least 17 years old and weight at least 49 kg.
The fastest pair will get some high-quality product, a big bag of “Carrying wife” products, “Carrying wife”-drink as much as the wife has weight and a statue. Also, the funniest, the best outfit and the strongest pairs will get some prices. If you want to take part in this race it costs only 50€.


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