Finnish Culture in a Nutshell


The Finnish culture could be compared to an iceberg, that is to say? Finns are not very open at first, but once they know you a little it gives you all they have!

Firstly a small historical point! Finland is celebrating its 100th independence this year, so it should not be forgotten that Finland has a major influence of this world power.


Traditional cooking is not practised among young people, most Finns I meet explain to me that are the elderly who consume the typical dish. The cuisine is rich and based on the country’s productions (beef, pork, reindeer, salmon, duck). Barbeques are often honoured, Finns are big consumers of sausages, they can be found all over the place.

Finnish lunch and dinner early!





Finnish people tutoient, it is a very common habit, even with strangers. On the other hand, we do not kiss, we shake hands. Screw rules are important to know that everything goes smoothly, for example, you take off your shoes before entering a house. Punctuality is the golden rule of Finnish savoir-vivre, you will even notice that it is often always in advance, and especially do not support latecomers.



The sauna is a small wooden hut or a room where you can take a dry heat bath, which can vary from 70 ° C to 100 ° C for well-being. The practice of the sauna is a social and family tradition that seems to have existed for more than 2,000 years. We reconvene in Finland 2 million saunas … for 5 million inhabitants !! In other words, the sauna session is a true tradition and a practice that is an integral part of the daily life of the Finns. First of all, a sauna session is a relaxing moment for body and mind. An invitation to the sauna does not refuse: it is the place of sociability Finnish.asdfgh


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