Weather in Finland

In Finland, the seasons are very different than in France. When we arrived in January we immediately realised that our pace of life was going to be quite different.

First of all, our first shock was the night falling at 3pm, all our habits were upset. We were hungry and wanted to go to bed at 4pm. Luckily, very soon the days begin to lengthen and we trade to get used to our host country.

Everything was white, from the stretched fir tree covered with snow, the sky of the violet nights, all these landscapes, were for us like a movie set! We have learned to live with snow and adapt to the weather.

Then the second surprise: skating or a walk on the lake! At first saw we were terrorising, not reassuring, in short in total panic! It took us a while to be a little more serene on the ice. We have taken a liking to these different activities for us.

In addition, we will have to prepare for the sunny nights, a rare phenomenon that we find only in the north of the globe! All this for us is unknown, we apprehend it and await it with impatience.




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