Midsummer fest

Midsummer fest takes place in June and it is one of the most popular fests in Finland. Originally a celebration of the summer solstice. Midsummer fest is usually spent with family and friends partying or relaxing in summer cottages far away from cities. Big bonfires and bathing in saunas are the most common traditions during midsummer. If you are in a cottage most common things to do is fishing, swimming, barbecuing and the other side of midsummer is to go to big festivals and party very hard.


Other midsummer things to do
It’s a very popular time for a wedding because it’s so warm and beautiful. Very often Finnish people start their holiday in midsummer and many companies are quite quiet. One old tradition is to do midsummer magic and purposes of those magics are make sure you get lucky at finding a spouse and get a good harvest. Getting drunk and messing around is also part of midsummer and it’s believed that it brings good luck and banish evil spirits.


People are decorating their houses with flowers and a midsummer birch is a common decoration item in this festival and its branches are used in the sauna as a hitting tool.


The dark side of midsummer
When there is a lot of drunk people in water drownings happen and midsummer is when most of those situations happen. People also get killed in traffic because there are so many people at the same time.


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