The best souvenirs from Finland

We have all been there. Few days left until returning to home from a foreign country and having no idea what to bring back home as a souvenir. Or about to travel abroad wondering what would be the best gifts to represent your home country.

To help with this problem we have gathered top souvenirs from different product categories including pricey and budget friendly options. So, whether you are traveling back home after spending time in Finland or a Finn wondering what to bring to your friends abroad, here’s your guide to best souvenirs from Finland!


When it comes to exotic and interesting foods, Finland might not be the first country to pop up to your mind. But even Finland, the promised land of dishes made of mainly potatoes and meat, has more exotic options to offer.

Cloudberry Jam
If you are traveling far and cannot risk the products to spoil, the best food souvenir could be jam made of Finnish berries. Cloudberry jam is an especially interesting product as it is mostly known and used in Nordic countries. Don’t be surprised by the price tag though, cloudberry is also called the arctic gold.
Bread Cheese
If you happen to be traveling from Finland with a car and you can get a hold of a cooler bag, bread cheese could be a great souvenir option. It can be served as it is or baked in an oven with cream. Especially delicious with cloudberry jam and for sure something people outside of Scandinavia haven’t tried.
Reindeer Meat
People around you might be shocked about reindeer meat, I mean, who would want to eat Santa’s little helper. But if you are confident that people receiving the souvenir are able to move past that, reindeer meat is unique and exotic present for all meat lovers. Try for example canned reindeer stew!
Finnish Candies
This might be the most obvious but still a very good option. Finnish candies are known for being high quality and having excellent flavors. Candies are also available everywhere and won’t cost a fortune. Fazer’s milk chocolate is always a good way to go!


You might or might not have heard, but Finland is a country with a lot of amazing design. So, why not bring your friend a souvenir that will last for ages and be practical instead. Be warned though, design products can be a bit up there when it comes to price.
Moomin Bedsheet Set, Finalyson

There is no better gift than high-quality Moomin bedsheet set. If Moomins don’t happen to be your cup of tea, Finalyson has a great selection of other designs as well as other products for the home. Check them out!image_view.jpg
Moomin Scissors, Fiskars
Scissors!? What an odd souvenir to give to someone. Well, these happen to be the best damn scissors you can find. Fiskars is hundreds-year-old brand and Fiskars scissors are a must have at every Finnish household. Again, if Moomins don’t please your eye, you can pick another color too.general-purpose-scissors-moominmamma-1000831_productimage.jpg
Moomin Mug, Arabia

Starting to see a pattern here? If it has not crossed your mind yet, Moomin mug is the most Finnish souvenir one can give to a person. Of course, Arabia and Iittala have tons of other beautiful products too, but if you need to give one gift representing Finland? Well, Moomin mug filled with Fazer chocolate is as traditional as it gets.

download (1).jpg
Pencase, Marimekko

Well, officially it is a glass pouch but about 90%* of people in Finland use these long pouches as pen cases. And why wouldn’t they, they are the perfect size for a handful of pens and comes in various Marimekko patterns.
*Not based on an actual research.


Blueberry Shampoo, Very Fine Finnish Shampoo

No, I am not trying to adversities the product, that is the brand name translated into English. Maybe not a very typical gift, but this specific shampoo is part of Finnish sauna culture. So, if you cannot bring the Finnish sauna with you, at least bring the shampoo that millions of Finns have used to wash their hair with in a small wooden sauna at their summer cottage!

Glow Boost Essence, Lumene
To be honest, Lumene has so many good products that it is up to you which one you pick. This one is an essence developed to give your skin radiance and glow. It includes the arctic gold already mentioned in the beginning of the article. Must have souvenir for a beauty fanatics.


I hope this list gave you some idea what to buy to represent Finland in a form of a souvenir. But remember, even a rock from the street or the cheapest fridge magnet can be a great souvenir and memory, so look around and find the things that represent your experiences in this beautiful country.
Also, if your favorite souvenir was not on this list, make sure to comment bellow and let everybody know what you recommend!

Written by: Jenni Prittinen


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